Computing Technologies Research Lab

CTRL Standard Support Policy

  1. CTRL standard support cost is two hours per month. The support includes managing the hardware, the database, system administration, backups and monitoring.
    CTRL business hours are weekdays between 7 am and 5 pm excluding holidays and UC designated days off. If additional support is needed for the weekend or off hours, please contact Robert Dennis rdennis@mednet.ucla.edu for more information.

  2. Change or feature requests to the site are charged at the standard rate. Currently, it is $82/hr. (Fall 2014)

  3. For the first three months after a project goes live, minor changes are allowed up to one hour of effort at no charge per month. Work exceeding the one hour is charged at the standard rate.

  4. A request's designation (bug or feature) will be at CTRL's sole discretion.

  5. For bug fix or feature requests please send an email to support@ctrl.ucla.edu . Do not send email to individual developers as it may delay the handling of the request. During business hours, we'll provide an ETA as to when the request will be resolved within 1.5 hour. During off hours, we'll provide an ETA on the next business day.
    There are 4 severity levels for email requests:

    • Urgent - The system is not responding or a critical function has stopped working and critical business activities can not continue. This requires immediate attention.
    • Severe - A feature is not functional but not part of daily activities. However, this will need to be addressed shortly as the feature is needed within a few days.
    • Moderate - A feature is not working but there are work arounds within the system.
    • Low - Does not affect the business operations. Cosmetic changes and feature requests falls into this category

  6. Requests will be addressed by severity level from Urgent to Low. CTRL may update the severity level; we'll communicate the change and provide an explanation. Urgent requests will be placed in our high priority queue.

  7. Please format email requests in the following manner:
    • Subject Text - Severity_level: brief description
      Low: Fix spelling to 'January' from 'january'
    • Body Text - Format described below
      Location: (Copy url from browser)
      Date_time: 08/20/2009
      Error message: Copy of error message (if any)

      Describe the problem and if possible provide some context to the problem. For example, I was trying a run report for a date range of 08/01 to 8/30. I entered value 'John' for first name and 'Doe' for last name. After clicking on 'Run Report', the system returned with the error message.

  8. Contact Information: email support@.ctrl.ucla.edu or call 310-206-6556.

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